About Us

About Us

Raycom Group

The Raycom Group is a diversified yet coherent group company that exists to add value both to its global customers and to its shareholders on all manner of engineering and energy solutions.

The diversity of the Raycom Group is seen by its involvement in the various industries it serves – Energy, Marine Engineering and Infrastructure.

The scope of involvement of the Raycom Group in these industries includes “turnkey” project management, engineering and design, procurement, construction, start up and commissioning, product development, manufacturing and training.

Besides using its subsidiaries to offer turnkey solutions to customers, the Raycom Group also has a network of associate companies that compliment its capabilities. Together with this network of associate companies, the Raycom Group stands ready to take on projects on a grand scale.

The Raycom Group consists of the following subsidiaries:

Raycom Marine Division
Based in Dubai, collaborating with our shipyard, Raycom Marine has the capacity to build and repair ships up to 120m (395ft). Our range includes luxury vessels, naval oceanographic survey ships, cargo vessels, etc.

Raycom Energy Division
Based in Dubai, Developing and implementing eco- energy solutions through R&D and its partners.